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FCG has been contributing to sustainable development in Asia since the 1980’s, implementing major projects in water supply and sanitation and rural development in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Viet Nam. As the priorities of the countries evolved, the scope expanded to include natural resources and environmental management, energy, agriculture, climate change, education, ICT, innovations and private sector development. During the years FCG has gained experience from most parts of Asia, with a geographical reach all the way from Middle East to the Pacific Islands.

Today, FCG Asia specialises in designing projects in environmental management and climate change, urban and rural development, water supply and sanitation, water resources management and education. While South East Asia is the home region for FCG Asia - with projects in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Timor Leste - we work all across the Asia Pacific region from Pakistan to Kiribati.


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Singapore’s strategic location allows FCG to work closely with our clients in Asia and stay ahead of business opportunities in this rapidly growing region. FCG Asia is well connected with Southeast Asia, along with the  other parts of the Asian continent that are easily accessible from this hub. FCG’s major clients include Asian Development Bank, World Bank, European Union, Governments of Finland, Sweden, New Zealand and other bilateral donors. With regional presence FCG stands ready to respond to the needs of the clients in rapidly changing market in Asia, with the emergence of new international financing for infrastructure, sustainable development and climate change response, as well as the increasing capability of recipient countries to finance their own development. Read more about our services.

In 2017 FCG celebrated the 50th anniversary of its international operations. In 2018 FCG had an average of 736 employees and record turnover of 85 Million Euros. After Europe, Asia Pacific is the second largest region for FCG, generating 15% of turnover. FCG’s headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland, with international subsidiaries in SwedenBulgaria, Singapore, New Zealand, Kenya and Germany. FCG is owned by Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities through Kuntaliitto Holding Oy. Read more FCG worldwide

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