Pakistan - Water Resources Option Study for Karachi

Karachi, like all megacities, has grown so quickly that it struggles to deliver basic infrastructure services, including potable water and wastewater collection and treatment.  The water and sewerage utility, Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB), is no longer equipped or empowered to deal with the challenging reality on the ground.  There is a huge unmet demand for water, a high non-revenue water percentage; very large financial losses and significant outstanding arrears.

This study provides Karachi Water and Sewerage Board with strategic guidance by comparing different approaches to augmenting water supply to meet the future demand for water in the rapidly growing city of Karachi. It forms a part of the preparation for a major investment project financing for the improvement of water and sewer services in Karachi. A particular focus is on attracting private sector participation in service provision. The scope of the study includes: (i) reviewing existing information  on future raw water supplies in Karachi and defining KWSBs service territory; (ii) developing options for sequencing future water supply sources, with a view to promoting private sector participation in the sector; and (iii) reviewing the enabling environment for Private Sector Participation (PSP).