Our Core Services 

Our strengths lie on local presence and knowledge, sound experience in project development and management, thorough understanding of our clients and their needs, extensive networks and qualified in-house staff excelling in their field of expertise. 


  • Sustainable natural resources management and environmental protection 
  • Biodiversity 
  • Integrated water resource management 
  • Watersheds/river basin management 
  • Forestry 
  • Environmental Assessments 
  • Climate change adaptation & mitigation
Clean Water and Sanitation - FCG Asia

Clean Water and Sanitation

  • Water supply and sanitation master plans for urban and rural areas 
  • Feasibility studies and investment project development
  • Engineering design and procurement support for construction of water supply, waste water treatment and water and sewage networks
  • Climate change resiliency and disaster risk management
  • Social and environmental assessments 
  • Institutional development, capacity building & training
  • Community engagement and public awareness campaigns
  • Private sector participation
Sustainable Cities and Communities - FCG Asia

Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Solid waste management
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Resiliency in urban infrastructure
  • Water resources management
  • Green urban development

Climate Action - FCG Asia

Climate Action

  • Climate-related hazards and natural disasters resilience, adaptation and risk management
  • Incorporation of climate change related measures into policies, strategies and planning on different levels
  • Institutional development and capacity building in climate change mitigation, adaptation, risk management and early warning systems
  • Especially climate resilience and adaptation in urban planning, services and infrastructure: water supply and sanitation and solid waste management
Quality Education - FCG Asia

Quality Education

  • Human resources development
  • General education
  • Technical and vocational education
  • Work based learning
  • Private sector participation


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